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Preventative Maintenance


All Temperatures Controlled provides our customers with extensive preventive maintenance plans. A commercial heating, cooling and ventilation system is no different than any other equipment: it requires attention to maintain peak running efficiency and performance levels. Our preventive maintenance plans cover everything from tune-ups to seasonal preps and routine filter changes. Avoid the downtime and costly repairs associated with a neglected system by entrusting us with the ongoing care of your investment.


A preventatitve maintenance plan will prolong the life of your equipment and minimize the possibility of costly failures and to keep your system running efficiently. All Temperatures Controlled can provide different types of preventative services to satisfy your specific and independent needs and requirements for all types of equipment ranging from HVAC systems, Chillers, Cooling Towers, Exhaust Fans, Make up Air, Refrigeration and Ice Machines.


Routine preventative maintenance plans can reduce costly downtime by keeping a system in top running condition and identifying potential problems in advance. Additionally, having a maintenance plan in place can greatly aid in warranty claims to manufacturers.


ATC offers affordable plans to fit any schedule or budget, from large-scale commercial to residential, annual plans to bi-weekly, assuring your systems is operating at peak efficiency and dependability.